The Entertainment Law Office, P.C.

The Entertainment Law Office attorney Hillel (Frankie) Frankel is a partner with the boutique law firm of Mandell Menkes, LLC. Please click here to reach out to us.

Need to set up your new music, arts or technology business? Working on a new album, film, video or web project? Need to get that relationship with your producer off of a text message and onto paper? Put the needle on the record. Let the Entertainment Law Office get you into the legal groove!

Lead attorney Hillel Frankel (Frankie) is more than just a music lawyer: he is a producer, manager and attorney for great artists and great artistic projects of all genres and mediums. Hillel knows how do define the issues, pinpoint legal needs, draft/review your contract and set up your business in the most economical and effective way. If you're lost in the legalese, the Entertainment Law Office can help bring clarity to your legal issues - from copyrights to contracts and everything in between.